In the simplicity of the product lies the complexity of the idea.

PRODUCCIÓN PRINCIPAL: trigo, cebada , maíz, pasa, vino, poco aceite, almendras, algarrobas, alguna seda, higos, legumbres y hortalizas; mantiene ganado, lanar y hay muy poca caza de conejos y perdices.

                                                                                                Tárbena, 1845

38° 41′ 45″ Norte, 0° 6′ 14″ Oeste

39° 41′ 4″ Norte, 2° 50′ 51″ Este

"Coincidence in time of two or more facts, phenomena or circumstances, especially when the rhythm of one is adequate to that of another."

In this tasting menu we seek to match the idea and the execution in sync with our surroundings and gastronomic concerns.

This is our market menu. A free space where inspiration and improvisation set the path to follow.

We embarked on the search for gastronomic identity without fixed direction but with firm identity convictions.

Cas Tarbeners
Sant Rafael, 1, 03518, Tárbena, Alicante.
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